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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amulet Of Invisibility?

In the D&D Store there is an item called an Amulet of Invisibility. I've always wondered whether this actually does anything or not. It's 4000gp. I have purchased it before but didn't notice any changes. For years I assumed it was just a waste. Anyone know any different?


strategon said...

As far as I know, it adds the same bonus as the "invisibility"-spell (is it WC + 2?) Can be also additive to the inv-spell :-)

Mike said...

it extends the duration of the invisibilty spell (by 4 times I think)

Master Gorgon said...

Thanks for the responses. The latter seems more likely. Next time I get INV I'm going to buy the amulet and see what the story is. :)

ConcertinaChap said...

Mike's right. Also doing enchant weapon on the amulet a couple of times extends greatly the time you're invisible for. I'm going to try the altar dodge with it.