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Monday, January 19, 2009

Scroll of Spell Extension

Does anyone know how precisely the Scroll of Spell Extension works? I have noticed a few times that my hastes or stealths or undead protections last a lot longer than they should. However, when I've *tried* to use a scroll of spell extension it doesn't seem to make any difference. Do you cast the spell, then read the scroll? Do you read the scroll and it affects the next spell? Is the extension so minor that I just didn't notice? Or does it only work with spells that you cast and not scrolls or potions?

Also, if you read a scroll of Time Warp and go back 5 mobuls, does it extend your spells? When you cast Haste, does it expire at a certain fixed "time" or does it run for one mobul regardless of Time Warp?

I wish I had the time/know-how to look through the larn source code, but I don't. Time Warp and Spell Extension are just two of the things that have always befuddled me about Larn. (The previously mentioned Amulet of Invisibility falls into that same catagory).


ConcertinaChap said...

I've never fathomed spell extension either.

You're on the right track with Time Warp, though. If it bangs you back 5 mobuls, then any spells you have in force lst 5 mobuls. I always horde time warp spells for the end of the game in case I don't get Permanence. A bunch of Time Warps + HAS is nearly as good as PER.

ConcertinaChap said...

I've never fathomed the monster healing scroll either.

Master Gorgon said...

I've thought of trying to find a monster that I know 3 fireballs will kill, and then shooting it twice, reading the scroll, and shooting it again. The scroll is definitely one of those "why would you want to?" scrolls.

SgtKill said...

It adds few Spell points to your spell pool (or it restores your spell points).

I've noticed this every time I used it.

Apprentice Demi-God said...

I'm currently looking through the source to get a feel for it before I try porting it to the iPhone, so I can answer this one...

It looks like it doubles the remaining time for the following spells :

pro (only the +2 one, not the Altar's +3)

So, then the strategy would be to keep all the scrolls for the endgame, and then cast all of the above spells (in order of longest lasting to shortest lasting), and then read all the scrolls one after another - doubling the remaining time with each scroll.

To make best use of it however, just before you read the extension scrolls, you could read a timewarp scroll. If you get a big backwards leap, then the number you have before you start the doubling will be nice and big...

Note that the timewarp affects the duration of more spells than the above list (including some nasty ones as well as some other good ones), but only the above list will get the spell extension doubling.

ConcertinaChap said...

Thanks for that, I've always wondered. Now I can make good use of spell extension.

Here's another aside. Some spells cost you 1 point of intelligence when you use them. So far I've only noticed this with PER, GEN and GLO. Consequently I only ever use GLO in conjunction with PER (and a potion of heroism).

Apprentice Demi-God said...

Crap, I hadn't noticed GLO reduced your intelligence - that explains why it kept going down...

I knew about the others, and also noticed SPH (Sphere of Annihilation) does it too when I decided to take out a whole level for fun.

Master Gorgon said...

Basically the second I get PER, I go back to the top and buy all the other buffs, like Giant Strength, Fire Resistance (useful against Dragons) Spirit Protection (nagas) and heroism of course, then cast every buff I can. If you're careful, PER can pretty much win you the game. I usually try to keep a stealth scroll stashed on lvl 1 of the Dungeon just in cast I get PER.