Larn Screenshot

Monday, September 10, 2007

Breaking the Bank of Larn

I mentioned this in an earlier post. After retrieving the potion from the dungon on one occasion, I decided to sell all of my equipment. (interesting note: the potion of dianthrorritis CAN be sold, but it's nearly worthless GP-wise). I ended up with over 500,000gp. When I went into the bank, I got this popup along the bottom:

Note: Larndom law states that only desposits under 500,000gp can earn interest.

It was a fun discovery.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Level 100: The Creator

Inspired by the poster "Concertinachap" I decided to make a run at level 100. He said that he even executed a script that would VPR (vaporize rock) next to an altar, then SLE (sleep) the Demon Prince that would appear. (as long as you have the lance of death, they will die). I had to do it the old fashioned way. I didn't have Stealth permanenced, so I was forced to cast HLD (hold monsters) VPR, then SLE to hit the Demon Prince. (WEB also works). The following is the log I made of my progress towards level 100. I changed the LARN screencap to reflect what I was like at Level 100.

Apprentice Gorgon (Level 19)
Practiced Gorgon (Level 20)
Master Gorgon (Level 21)
Demi-Gorgon (Level 22)
Evil Master (Level 23)
Great Evil Master (Level 24)
Mighty Evil Master (Levels 25-30)
(Note: after level 27, you have infinite spell regeneration)

(I got a little more detailed and started noting the XP amounts)

Level 40 38099999 apprentice demi-god
Level 49 56099999 minor demi-god
Level 58 74199999 major demi-god
Level 67 92199999 minor deity
Level 76 125099999 major deity

(16 demon prince kills between levels)

Level 85 170099999 Novice Guardian

17 Kills between levels

Level 90 195099999 Apprentice Guardian

33 kills between levels.

Level 94 230299999 Earth Guardian

33 kills

Level 95 240199999 Air Guardian
Level 96 250000000 Fire Guardian
Level 97 260289506 Water Guardian
Level 98 270189506 Time Guardian
Level 99 280089505 Ethereal Guardian

(Forgot the count the kills before level 100)

Level 100 290199999 The Creator