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Friday, April 3, 2009

The GENOCIDE spell...

Hey, two posts in one sitting. Very rare :)

I'm curious about what monsters people GEN when they get the spell. For me, I will always go with Nagas. They are the most annoying creatures that you encounter in the dungeon. They are difficult to hit, they have a lot of hit points, you can't use SLE or WEB on them. They can rust your armor, un-enchant your items, and worst, they can pickpocket you like a Nymph. (I just recently was heading out of the Volcano and a naga popped up and stole the potion of cure dianthorritis!)

I have to say, that one of the few additions I liked in ULARN was that you could find the Nymph or Naga that took your stuff and kill them, and you'd get the last item of yours that they stole back.

So what other monsters do people Genocide?

Hey! Who Xvarted?

Sorry about the title, I couldn't resist. I thought of another tiny thing I had noticed in the past about Larn: As part of my "volcano lottery" strategy, I am typically jumping around the Volcano with a Stealth scroll in effect. Sometimes, I will magic-missile a Xvart in order to lead it away from a place I need to get to, to pick up a valuable chest or book. Several times I have been leading a Xvart past some dragons (I believe they were Silver) and they "woke up" from the stealth! It's like the Xvart signals them or something. I haven't noticed any other monsters that will do that. It's gotten me killed many times.