Larn Screenshot

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amulet Of Invisibility?

In the D&D Store there is an item called an Amulet of Invisibility. I've always wondered whether this actually does anything or not. It's 4000gp. I have purchased it before but didn't notice any changes. For years I assumed it was just a waste. Anyone know any different?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another observation...

As a lot of you know, when you beat Larn, the next time you play, you're at a higher difficulty. In my UNIX Larn, I had beaten up to difficulty 9 using the "Volcano Lottery" strategy. I decided to "keep it fun" by playing a lower difficulty (Difficulty 3) and still trying to beat Diff 9 once in a while. One thing I just noticed, is that playing Difficulty 3 a bunch of times has lowered my Diff level to 4. So if I just type in Larn (with no -3 or -8 or whatever) it plays in difficulty 4. Maybe you only have so many tries before you lose a difficulty. Sure seems that way.