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Monday, April 27, 2009

Larn Facebook page...

I saw this today...

Kinda cool.


Rainier Wolfcastle said...

Been playing larn for years, but saw something new today. Don't know if it is a bug or an extremely obscure feature.

I was playing Volcano Roulette (my preferred term). I managed to score 2 books, and came back up out of the volcano. I went to sell the books, and lo and behold there in my pack as item (y) was "a handsome jewel-encrusted throne". ???

Exited and did an inventory, it does not show up. Go back into the trading post, it is still there. Try to sell it, am informed that the trading post cannot accept that item. Go to the bank, it doesn't show up in there.

Finally I drop item (y), and sure enough a backslash (unplundered throne) drops. I don't dare pry the gems off until much later in the game when I can be sure to kill the probable gnome king, but it is a nice cache to have safely on level 0 for later.

BTW, my thanks for the volcano gambit. I usually play at difficulty level 7, which had become almost more slog than fun, and the volcano trick has breathed new life into the game.

Master Gorgon said...

Ha ha. I've had similar things happen where my armor will disappear out of my inventory, but I'll still have the AC points. If I try to put on new armor, it will say I'm already wearing armor. If I drop item "a" my AC will go down, but the armor won't appear. This happened with the Stainless Plate once and I was pretty mad.

I haven't had the "throne" glitch before, but I did once have an arrow trap in my inventory!

Wilfred said...

do you know if there is a mac version of larn or ularn?