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Friday, April 3, 2009

The GENOCIDE spell...

Hey, two posts in one sitting. Very rare :)

I'm curious about what monsters people GEN when they get the spell. For me, I will always go with Nagas. They are the most annoying creatures that you encounter in the dungeon. They are difficult to hit, they have a lot of hit points, you can't use SLE or WEB on them. They can rust your armor, un-enchant your items, and worst, they can pickpocket you like a Nymph. (I just recently was heading out of the Volcano and a naga popped up and stole the potion of cure dianthorritis!)

I have to say, that one of the few additions I liked in ULARN was that you could find the Nymph or Naga that took your stuff and kill them, and you'd get the last item of yours that they stole back.

So what other monsters do people Genocide?

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terrax76 said...

I gen the nagas too, unless I find the scarab of negate spirit before I get to the Volcano. The downside to getting rid of nagas though is that as far as I know they give you the most experience points (excluding demons of course), so wiping them out can also cost you a lot of XP.

Just in case I don't learn the gen spell, I always stock up on spirit pro scrolls to take with me to the volcano. HAS and HLD spells come in handy for dealing with them too. Also, I save every ring of dexterity I find and take them with me to the volcano to make hitting them with the lance easier.

If I do find the scarab I'll gen water lords due to them being tricky to hit at times too. And theoretically ... if it was possible to learn gen early on in the game, I would definitely gen rust monsters, gelatinous cubes, and/or disenchantresses, not because they're hard, but because they're an annoyance when they pop up right in front of you and dull your weapon when you inadvertently run into them. And the version I have LOVES to do that.