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Friday, October 15, 2010

Spells & Mirrors

Was messing around today with directional spells and a mirror. Lightning and Fireball both did about 60-70 points of damage. Cone of Cold did about 40-50. Magic Missile did 25. I then decided to try Phantasmal Forces, and it said:

In What Direction? The spell caster (thats you) believed!

I also suffered 42 damage the first time and 53 the second time.

Teleport Away didn't work on the mirror.

Those were the only directional spells I had at the time. Would be interesting to try a Scroll of Pulverization. :)


zerothis said...

I'm looking to run *original* larn on Linux (not Ularn) and have had no luck compiling the BSD versions. Where can a UNIX source be found? or could there be an actual larn for Linux?

Master Gorgon said...

That's a good question. I thought I remembered there was UNIX source for larn floating out there somewhere. Possible the site is gone.

I've never heard of a straight Linux port of UNIX Larn. I play original Larn on a server that runs FreeBSD.

Sorry that's not really an answer :/

justin said...

Hey this game just popped up in my head so I had to play it. ...had not play it in 20 years... best game ever! Does anyone remember how to program the game, so if you die and it just takes you out of the maze, but you don't loose your inventory and all that jazz. all I can remember is you get inside the program file directary hit control/break some were on the list. I'm ripping out my hair try to figure it out.. anyone remember how?

justin said...

Sorry just to type that out there as a anonymous comment! I Got ahead of my self. But if someone could help me that would be great.

DMcCunney said...

The original Larn was written fro the Amiga, and ported to Unix by Noah Morgan. It's possible source is still floating around on comp.sources of the like.

I play a DOS port of 12.0 under XP, but found a version of 12.4 that runs native on Win32 (and made my SP happy, because it runs on her new 64bit laptop.) It includes source, and is probably a starting point for a Linux build.

Look here:

justin said...

Hey, does anyone know of a Android version? If someone can write it for (Gurk 16bit) they should be able to write one for Larn! Wouldn't you say?

Shmuel said...

An Android version exists! It's part of the Roguelike Classics app.

bitter420 said...

I am playing larnhd, anyone know password for wizard mode??

Unknown said...

I am playing larnhd, anyone know password for wizard mode??