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Monday, August 27, 2007

Prices for Books/Chests

Here is a partial list of how much gold you can get for books and chests, I'll fill in more of them as I remember to write them down. One note, if you find a book or a chest inside of a room with a door (the kind that usually have monsters that typically come from lower levels) they will be worth more gold than the typical book from that level.


Level 1 Book: 653
Level 2 Book: 1008
Level 3 Book: 1505
Level 10 Book: 25,418

Level 1 Chest: 1745
Level 2 Chest: 2536
Level 9 Chest: 28,961
Level 10 Chest: 40,639


Level V1 Book: 25,418
Level V2 Book: 50,044

Level V1 Chest: 56,988
Level V2 Chest: 79,877
Level V3 Chest: 111,921

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